Angular Js

What is Angular?

What is Angular?

What is Angular?

This Article helps you to Understand about Angular

Google maintains Angular, a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework. It integrates seamlessly with other libraries and is completely expandable.

The Angular team has published numerous versions since its inception.

Although they were quite different frameworks, Angular Versions 1 and 2 shared a few characteristics.
The Angular team began referring to the new version of Angular simply as "Angular" and the older version of Angular as "AngularJS" in order to reduce misunderstanding. While Angular was not written in JavaScript, AngularJS was.

Differences between AngularJS and Angular:

  • Angular is a complete rewrite version of AngularJS.
  • The main building elements for Angular are modules, components, templates, metadata, data binding, directives, services and dependency injection.
  • Angular does not have a "scope" concept or controllers, instead, it uses a component hierarchy as its main architecture.
  • Angular follows a modularity concept. This gives Angular an optimized lighter core.
  • In Angular 2 and later, which are component-based UI frameworks, the controller concept—which was included in AngularJS—has been eliminated.
    Developers can now partition programmes into parts with the functionalities they want.
  • Compared to AngularJS, these enhanced the flexibility and re - usability.
  • Angular expression syntax is focused on "[ ]" for property binding, and "( )" for event binding.
  • Building an SEO-friendly Single Page Application with AngularJS was quite challenging.However, Angular 2 enabled application rendering in the server, which removed this issue. .

Angular also includes the benefits taken from ES6:

  • For/Of loops
  • Improved dependency injection
  • Iterators
  • Reflection
  • Dynamic loading
  • Asynchronous template compilation
  • Simpler Routing

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Deepak Talwar

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